Pacify MPLS and Goodwill:

Learn about how streetwear brand Pacify MPLS is helping the environment by reusing donated textiles from Goodwill.

Pacify MPLS and Goodwill: Creating Sustainable Style

2017-03-22 14:21:00

This may not be a surprise, but good things happen when you reuse clothing.

Take something as simple as a cotton t-shirt. Water is needed to grow the cotton in the shirt, pesticides keep the bugs off, and then there’s water involved in the dye processes. All of that adds up to over 700 gallons of water used to create one simple tee.

Pacify MPLS is trying to change the cycle of waste by switching to used textiles. They’re a Minneapolis-based streetwear brand dedicated to reusing garments sourced from Goodwill and other thrift stores. Their mission for 2017 is to cut out new textiles from their lineup.

We let them take the creative reins in this Q & A:

Reusing clothing is a powerful green initiative and you’re a part of that when you shop for clothing at Goodwill. Our “donate-shop-reuse-educate-employ” model diverts over 50M pounds from landfills annually (that’s the equivalent of 125 Boeing 747s!), while revenue from stores helps us place four people into the Minnesota workforce every day.

Thanks for supporting Goodwill and helping the environment, Pacify MPLS!

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