A permanent role creates a new outlook for Nicole

Find out how we helped Nicole learn the skills she needed to change her life and provide for her family.

It was Christmas. Nicole had just been let go from her temp job. Without an income, she was worried not just about being able to provide a Christmas for her two daughters, but also about eviction from her home.

She’d been working temp jobs for a while, always hoping that they’d turn into something more. “The promise of a permanent job was always dangled in front of me, and I felt like I was always chasing that promise,” she explains. “I was in a desperate state.”

She was feeling defeated by the constant rejection when she finally came to Goodwill-Easter Seals. There, she met Charles, a Career Specialist, and things started improving.

“He was always consistent,” Nicole explains. “Everything he said, he stood by.”

“She saw that I was not going to give up,” Charles says.

Nicole and Charles

“He prepared me to go back in the workforce,” Nicole recalls. “He helped me with time management, setting short-term goals and learning to always be prepared.”

Charles saw Nicole as a perfect fit for a receptionist role at our Sons of Norway office in Minneapolis, where she would greet people who, like her, were trying to change their lives.

One of the people she interviewed with was Annika, who would later become her manager. “It was clear that she had a really strong ability to work with people from totally different backgrounds,” Annika notes.“That was an important component.”

Annika and Nicole

“When I found out I had the job I was in the car. I just took a moment of silence. I was in disbelief. I was so thankful.”

Having a permanent job has improved Nicole’s life in a variety of ways. “My self-esteem is better,” she says. “And I notice the confidence in my daughters as well.”

She also loves being in a position to help other people who were in the same situation as she was. “I’m able to share this with others. Goodwill has helped me do that.”

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