See how Goodwill-Easter Seals Minnesota helped Sabrina go from being homeless to Participant of the Year

Sabrina was facing the biggest crisis of her young life. She’d been unable to find a job, and now her housing had fallen through. She saw no choice but to take her children to a homeless shelter.

“It was scary,’ she recalls. “I just felt worthless.”

After being put in contact with Goodwill-Easter Seals Minnesota, they connected Sabrina with the Working Well Mental Health Clinic in St. Paul as well as Individual Placement Support (IPS) to help her look for work. Her therapist at the Working Well Clinic helped to rebuild the one-time ‘A’ student’s self-esteem, while her IPS worker helped her find a job at the Dollar Tree.

“Goodwill helped me in a lot of ways, “ Sabrina says. “They’re really helping me see the person I am and not the person I’m supposed to be.”

The improvement in her mental health translated into success at work. “I started out as a cashier doing five hours a week until I got to know the job and they got to know me. Six months later I was being promoted to assistant manager, which was a big accomplishment.”

Sabrina’s success led to her being chosen as one of Goodwill-Easter Seals’ 2014 Participants of the Year. She has high hopes for her future, including going back to school and owning a home.

She’s also clear about how she feels Goodwill-Easter Seals has helped. “I believe in myself more and more every day because of Goodwill.”