Spring cleaning and Goodwill shopping go together

By Guest Blogger Charlie from Three Thrifty Guys
So what is the spring message from your local Goodwill? Well, this is spring housecleaning time for many people as they try to dig out after a long, cold winter season. Somehow, many of us have accumulated bunches of unnecessary or no longer used stuff into our home’s garages, closets and living spaces. Remnants of ill-conceived purchases, too-tight clothing and unwanted gifted gifts from family and friends adorn too much of our valued living space, and we’re feeling the nudge to get things back in organized order. Make your spring cleaning tasks easier by making a one-stop drop of your good quality unwanted items to your local Goodwill store, and gain yourself a tax-deduction for the year as well.

So what can the prepared local Goodwill store shopper have on their shopping checklist in order to snap up some great deals on quality used items? Well the number one thing is to keep current on monitoring your local Goodwill store inventory and check your local spring appearance in the process. There’s always fresh merchandise coming into local Goodwill stores, so shop often.

Some of the things you should be ready to snatch up (make sure you have a vehicle cleaned and ready to load up!) would be your out-of-season clothing that you can get at great prices and put away til the north winds start blowing again next fall. Spring is also the time for some very good selections of furniture as people start preparing for graduations and other celebrations and re-furnishing rooms.

Other things you may want to keep in mind for spring time purchases are items for May Baskets and gardening clothes, including the caps, hats, shoes and gloves that will soon be needed for tending vegetable and flower gardens.

Don’t forget canning and freezing jars and containers. These may be even more in demand as families are trying to help stretch their grocery budgets out even more this year.

Spring is also the time that many of us will be looking for that tax refund check coming. Using those funds on items at your local Goodwill store makes those dollars stretch further, keeps more items out of landfills, and funds local programs that prepare people for work.

You can’t go wrong if you make the effort to invest your time and energy into harvesting the spring items popping up at your local Goodwill store.