Easy tricks to take summer style into fall

By Guest Blogger Zhenya Hutson
Styling for fall isn’t as hard as you may think. Today, I am going to share some tips and ideas on how to dress for this sometimes tricky season, and also transition your spring and summer wardrobe into a cozy, cold weather appropriate, but still fashionable fall attire.

We are going to start with a simple trick called “Boots with a Dress.” Do you have a favorite dress, but can’t decide whether or not to wear it this fall? Have no fear: simply add your favorite pair of knee-high boots and add a pair of tights if you’d like!

Dress – Roseville Goodwill; Suede boots – Stillwater Goodwill.

The next tip goes hand in hand with the previous one, and is called “Grandpa had it right!” Growing up, I often wished I could wrap my favorite blanket around my shoulders and walk to school like that (good thing I never actually tried ), but then I realized that grandpa’s (or boyfriend’s) cardigans are perfect for that!

Wool sweater – Hopkins Goodwill

I think one of my favorite things about the fall is that I finally get to wear all of my coats! And when it comes to coats, I am sort of a hoarder! But I only want to share these two with you today: one, because it’s so comfy, yet figure flattering, and practical, and the second one, because it’s so sophisticated, one of a kind and bold!

Quilted coat – Hopkins Goodwill
Vintage silk coat – Bloomington Goodwill

Another great outerwear idea for fall are vests. They add warmth, are cozy, and 99% of the time come with the hood – and if it’s a mild winter, they can quickly become your favorite winter piece! Plus, they are often a great way to add color to your whole look, like in my case. This sea foam green Gap vest will make my Black, White and Blue outfit pop and stand out!

Gap vest – Hopkins Goodwill

Last but not least – don’t forget to accessorize! Hats, gloves and scarves are your best friend this season. Scarves are so versatile, and are an easy layering piece! And hats not only add warmth, but make a statement, and sometimes can add a hint of mystery.

Don’t fall for fall, dress for fall!