The Black Tee: An essential for every guy’s wardrobe

By Guest Blogger Justin James Sehorn
What do rock stars, writers, artists, movie stars and bad boys have in common? The black tee. So if there is one item to go out and get that you can strut out in with confidence, this is it. Every man owns at least one and the options are infinite.

I like to pay homage to the “American Bad Boys” of yesteryear with vintage graphics. Whether it’s an old rock concert/band tee or a classic American Harley Davidson logo, this is a look that transcends trend and will always remain ‘cool.’ Many companies charge a fortune for these vintage gems or create knock-offs – but with a quick trip to your neighborhood Goodwill you can keep the street cred and rock an original for a fraction of the price.

Sometimes for us guys, thrifting can be overwhelming and somewhat intimidating. If that’s the case or you, try trusting your hands. You’ll be amazed at how the material itself will play into the overall aesthetic and fit. When it comes to t-shirts, pay attention to fabric and seek out the ultra soft cotton.

Unlike dress shirts, your basic t-shirt neck size never varies. So what do you do when you find that perfect graphic but feel like your being suffocated – modify. A sharp pair of scissors and a steady hand go a long way. I recommend cutting the neckline down to a few millimeters above where the seam is, that way it is reinforced against stretch and tear.

But the black tee doesn’t have to have any graphics at all. A simple, classic black cotton tee shirt can be a statement all on its own. Stay away from the trim fit V-neck American.

Apparel standard. Instead seek out a crew neck with a single pocket. To give some flair, try adding an interesting belt or necklace. I pair mine with charcoal skinny denim, a black buckled belt, my black boots and a Native American style neck gear.

For an even thriftier deal, check out the Goodwill calendar for color tag discounts and other special sales. I managed to walk away with half off my yellow tag shirts; costing a total of $3 for 2 spot on scores! What will you find?