Thrift Spotlight: 32 Days of August Blog

Learn about beautiful fall decor (and more) found at Goodwill by blogger Christina of 32 Days of August.

Thrift Spotlight: 32 Days of August Blog

2016-09-12 16:09:00

We recently came across a fall decor blog from Christina and we couldn’t help but ask her some questions. She put together a gorgeous display of decor, made up largely of Goodwill finds. In this thrift spotlight we explore her methods of thrifting and why she loves shopping at Goodwill.

You can find this great shot, among many others, in a fall decor blog by 32 Days of August

You can find 32 Days of August as a blog and as an Instagram account, both full of beautiful photos and great ideas. Let’s jump into the interview:

We love your fall decor photos in your recent blog(s). Tell us the story behind the look (is it true that this is your first time with fall decor?):
I’ve always admired the centerpieces that had a mix of vintage colored glass and candles, so I wanted to create a centerpiece with that look. I also wanted to make sure it was mainly neutral so I am able to switch out the fall colored items and change it for the next holiday without having to come up with a whole new centerpiece.

What could be better than nesting fall/Thanksgiving figurines?

For the living room I wanted to have space to change out seasonal wall hangings (without adding holes to the wall) as well as small decorations (without having the space look too cluttered). These shelves were perfect for that and allowed me to add in just enough for the new season without changing all of the other decorations in the room.

Your blog and Instagram feeds are made up of amazing photos. How do you choose where and what you’re going to shoot?
Lifestyle photography is my favorite. I love to capture the simple everyday moments. I also try to have my camera on me so I can use it to capture higher quality photo instead of reaching for my phone.

How do you work thrifted items from Goodwill into your decor both for fall and generally?
I like to stick with a color scheme to help tie things together. Every room in our house is a different shade of blue, green or grey, and then each room has a different accent color. Since the accent color in my living room is orange, it was easy to mix in some fall items. That made it a good holiday to start with.

What’s the best thing you’ve purchased from Goodwill? What’s your favorite fall decor item from the pictures we’ve seen?
One of my favorites is this wall hanging (seen below).

I enjoy finding things that are from the same era as when our home was built to help bring some of the original charm as we are fixing it up.
My favorite fall decorations are frames, since I can easily change out the printables for the different seasons. It also helps to break up the smaller items and give the shelves more of a modern feel than a traditional knick-knack shelf.

Why do you shop at Goodwill? Why would you choose us over other thrift stores?
The stores are easy to shop and the sales are great! I typically visit a Goodwill store 1-3 times per week depending on what I’m looking for – and there are always new things to look at.
I have one that I go to on a regular basis but a few others I get to visit once in a while. I really like that they have the same layout. I always have certain items I’m looking for, so it makes it easy to stop in on the way home from work. I can spend 10 minutes at Goodwill, instead of having to spend a lot of time searching the entire store like I would at other places.

You don’t always need fall leaves or pumpkins to have a fall look. Just a simple combination of colors – like orange, red, yellow – can have a subtle fall effect.

Do you have any new blogs in the works? What can we look forward to on your blog or Instagram feed?
The next blog will be once I finish my son’s room. He is transitioning to a toddler room and the final piece I’m working on is child proofing an old dresser. There are a lot of thrifted pieces in his room and I’m excited to share how it came together! I am also planning a follow up to the fall decor post in the beginning of November, when we transition to Christmas decorations.