Thrift spotlight: Jackie and Marilyn, Part II

This is part two of our interview with fashion bloggers Briana and Melissa of Jackie and Marilyn Blog to find out why they choose Goodwill, and they didn’t disappoint! These popular Instagrammers (follow them @jackieandmarilynblog on Instagram) also shared some of the looks they’ve assembled through thrifting.

How would you describe Goodwill to someone who’s never shopped at one before?

Surprisingly good! I think people have some preconceived notions of thrift stores being stocked with kitschy items only or things that should just be thrown away. I have found a lot of designer label stuff in perfect condition! Everyone should try it…just please don’t be the same size as me, haha!

When you walk in, what is the first section of the store you look at?

I go straight to the furniture/wall hangings. Then I get down to business in the dresses, because that’s where I really shine.

Do you use a shopping list or do you just find whatever seems best?


Sometimes I do need a frame for a picture or something specific, but most of the time I go in and let Goodwill show me what I didn’t know I needed.

Sometimes I will go in there with an idea in mind, like “I could really use a purple sweater,” but most of the time I am looking to have something call itself out to me. That’s kind of the beauty of Goodwill: Whether you want to just explore or go in with a game plan, the store is laid out so well and you can just walk the aisles to find something you want.

What are must-have items for spring you’ll be looking for at Goodwill?

I’m going on vacation soon to Hawaii and have been searching out cute summer clothes as most department stores are behind the ball with spring/summer outfits right now. I can always count on Goodwill.


Thanks for sharing your Goodwill experience, Briana and Melissa! So, #HowDoYouGoodwill?

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