Thrift spotlight: Jackie and Marilyn, Part I

We had a chance to interview fashion bloggers Briana and Melissa of Jackie and Marilyn to find out why they choose Goodwill. And, the popular instagrammers shared some of the looks they've assembled through thrifting.

Thrift spotlight: Jackie and Marilyn, Part I

2016-03-22 09:10:09

We had a chance to interview fashion bloggers Briana and Melissa of Jackie and Marilyn Blog to find out why they choose Goodwill, and they didn’t disappoint! These popular Instagrammers (follow them @jackieandmarilynblog on Instagram) also shared some of the looks they’ve assembled through thrifting.

Why do you shop at Goodwill?


I have always been a little obsessed with thrifting, it is where I would spend my school clothes shopping money in high school–I’m sure my mom loved that. I love Goodwill because they always seem to have cool, different stuff in often (for those who go more than once a week ha!) and I live for their tag sales! You never know what you can find for 1.99!


I love thrifting in general, so I’ve definitely gone to other places, but Goodwill is my go-to. Not only is Goodwill super convenient for me (two within 10 minutes of my house and one opening 5 minutes away this year!), but their quality – in my experience – is the absolute best!

What is the best thing you’ve purchased from Goodwill?


This changes every day–but home decor -wise, it is probably this awesome yarn lion picture. Clothing-wise…I could never choose just one! I do really love this vintage 70s dress I found last year.


I once bought a $3 black blazer that was so casual and perfect, I talked about it for the rest of the day. I love it for dressing up a jeans outfit for going out or even wearing it to work! I had actually been meaning to buy a new blazer like it that was going to be over 10 times the cost, but it caught my eye on a trip to Goodwill and I couldn’t be happier with it.

I’m also partial to some of the men’s flannel I’ve purchased there. I like dressing up men’s items to be a bit girlier and I can find good quality, well-priced menswear at Goodwill. The real challenge becomes the fight between me and my husband for who gets to put the Goodwill find in their closet

What’s your favorite location to shop and why?


I am partial to the Eagan location. It’s close to my work and is the right combination of clean but still fun to shop in (digging is part of the fun for me-it can’t look too department store-like). They also seem to get more vintage stuff there than the other metro locations. But I could be biased

How did you choose Jackie & Marilyn as your blog name? How does your name influence your style or posts?


Jackie & Marilyn was born from sort of three ideas. The first is a quote from the first season of Mad Men, where the male advertisers are talking about advertising Playtex to women through a campaign where women decide “Are you a Jackie or a Marilyn?” Peggy pushes back and says that she doesn’t think all women are a Jackie or a Marilyn, and that men only see them that way.

We wanted the blog to feel inclusive and let women know that they can be open to taking risks and trying new things with their style, not just being in some mold. So the wording is important because it means you can be both, or even something completely different – just be what makes you happy!

The second reason is because our particular sense of style does tend to have vintage inspiration or silhouettes – Melissa especially – and choosing two classic fashion icons from the past was a perfect fit.

And the third reason is because Melissa is more or less a dead ringer for Marilyn Monroe, and I have brown hair.


Thanks for sharing your Goodwill experience, Briana and Melissa! So, #HowDoYouGoodwill?

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