Thrift Spotlight: Lindsay Gorman, Part I

In this week's Thrift Spotlight, we're exploring the styles and photography of Lindsay Gorman.

Thrift Spotlight: Lindsay Gorman, Part I

2016-05-16 06:46:08

Last week we learned about Melissa Anne Company and Melissa’s photography strategy of smaller items and sunny rooms (click here to read it), and now we explore the styles and photography of Lindsay Gorman.

She first came on our radar as someone to feature when she tagged @GoodwillMinnesota in this post on her Instagram account (you can also find her Tumblr page here):


Model: @lisa_gorman Shirt: @primpboutique Headband: @sugarskyshop Coat: @goodwillminnesota

A photo posted by Lindsay Gorman (@lindsay_gorman) on

The production quality of the photos made us take pause (although we definitely appreciate any and all photos tagging us on Instagram).

We reached out to find out more about her, her photography, and her Goodwill shopping strategy:

Your blog and Instagram feeds are made up of amazing photos. How do you choose where and what you’re going to shoot?

Thank you! I try to shoot in places that have good light and different background options. I go back and forth between preferring natural settings or city settings. As far as what I’m going to shoot – I prefer to shoot portraits. The outfit becomes a big part of that. When it comes to outfits, I love color, layers, and accessories. More is more in my book!

How do you work thrifted items from Goodwill into your shoots?

I love Goodwill because their items can’t be found anywhere else. I’m always trying to create unique images, and having unique clothing items really helps.


Wowee wowee! @carterwdick Hat: @chapelhats_moa Dress: @francescas Coat: @goodwillminnesota Lip: LBB @colourpopcosmetics

A photo posted by Lindsay Gorman (@lindsay_gorman) on


Why do you shop at Goodwill? Why would you choose us over other thrift stores?

Goodwill is well organized and consistently has quality items. I go there because I know I can find items that are one-of-a-kind.

Thanks for sharing your Goodwill experience, Lindsay! Stay tuned for Part II of of our conversation with Lindsay Gorman next week, as we learn about some of her favorite Goodwill finds and more about her strategy for photo shoots.

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