Thrift Spotlight: Lindsay Gorman, Part II

In this week's Thrift Spotlight, we continue exploring the styles and photography of Lindsay Gorman.

Thrift Spotlight: Lindsay Gorman, Part II

2016-05-23 07:46:46

Last week we introduced you to fashion (and decor) blogger/Instagrammer Lindsay Gorman (find her Instagram account here and her Tumblr page here).

Lindsay shares some amazing photography, often including Goodwill finds, and we wanted to learn more about her strategy. Here’s more on Lindsay’s thrifting habits and how she gets things ready for a photo shoot:

How much time and preparation do your shoots take to set up?

They usually don’t take much time to set up. About a month ago, there was a wonderful snowfall, but I knew it would all be melted in the morning. I threw on a sweatshirt and a hat and I asked my fiance to come outside and shoot with me for 10 minutes. We created some awesome images in that short amount of time. Usually, the biggest setup is in preparing an outfit and finding a location.

What is the best thing you’ve purchased from Goodwill? (Do you have a photo?)

Ok so I’m super into tropical shirts right now, and I just got a super colorful one that I’m obsessed with. I also bought a hexagon mirror that I LOVE. Ooh, and an octagon mirror that I’m using as a coffee table tray.

Are there any other photo shoots in the works? What can we look forward to on your blog or Instagram feed?

My closet has a lot of great Goodwill items that I haven’t yet photographed. I’ve also been decorating more with Goodwill items, so I’m hoping to do a photo shoot that combines the two. Hopefully it will be the ultimate Goodwill inspo! You can expect many more Goodwill shoots from me!

Thanks for sharing your Goodwill experience, Lindsay! Stay tuned to the blog for our next Thrift Spotlight segment!

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