Thrifting For Valentine’s Day

By Guest Blogger Sarah Carlson
Thrift your way to great Valentine's Day gifts and decor. Learn tips from Sarah Carlson of Real Housewives of Minnesota.

Thrifting For Valentine’s Day

2017-02-03 08:50:00

Written by Sarah Carlson of Real Housewives of Minnesota

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, it can be hard to find something original for those that you love, and especially to find items to decorate your home!

What most people don’t think about doing is thrifting for that perfect item. So, in addition to the chocolates and roses this year, why not give these creative ideas a try?

Candles – It seems many people tend to acquire too many candles over the years, as the candle aisle of Goodwill is always full of unused candles. This has never been a problem for me and other candle fanatics, because we’re always burning candles! So it’s a win-win to score wonderfully aromatic candles at a fraction of the retail price.

You never know what kinds of fabulous mugs or stemware you’ll find at Goodwill. One could be the perfect mug for Valentine’s Day morning!

Drinkware – You can never have too many sip-worthy items in your cupboard, and when I say drinkware, let me offer up a few ideas for you. This might include a fabulous coffee mug (like the one pictured), or champagne glasses, wine glasses, or whatever floats your boat. I found a plethora of options on the shelves of Goodwill and I might be guilty of bringing the most ultra-fabulous coffee mug home with me that day.

Trinkets – Scouring over the shelves near housewares, you can typically find all kinds of unique items that might fall into the trinket category. The day that I visited, they had ring trays, jewelry holders, ceramic dishes, and many other ‘love’ly items. You never know what you can find, that’s the joy of thrifting!

Spa supplies, teapots, and some quality (or not-so-quality) TV shows and movies could all help make this Valentine’s Day a little more fun.

Photo Frames – Do you have a favorite photo of you and your loved one? There’s no better gift than framing it in a beautiful picture frame. You can find silver-plated frames, Valentine’s Day-themed frames, or even a frame that needs some TLC to become your own personalized frame! The options are unlimited and the sentiment is wonderful.

It’s not just heart decor that makes Valentine’s Day great – it’s also the little things, like heart-themed frames.

Movies – One great item to consider for Valentine’s Day is a movie or two! You could find a romantic movie that neither of you have seen before or a mutual favorite. If you really want to have fun, take your partner to the store with you and pick out a few DVD’s together, then have a cozy night in! (Don’t forget the popcorn!)

Spa Items – I couldn’t believe how many spa gift sets I found on the shelves while thrifting. They weren’t even touched! Some came with loofahs or other spa items, and others solo. What a great relaxing gift idea: Put together your own spa gift basket, complete with bubble bath, candles and a glass of wine. It’s perfect!

Heart decor! It’s not Valentine’s Day without at least a little bit sprinkled around your home.

Heart Decor – Last, but not least… Heart decor! If you want to decorate further than just candles and frames, you should check out the end-caps of Goodwill aisles. I found an adorable, large, pre-lit, wall-hanging heart on my most recent trip and it would be perfect for any wall or even a front door!

As you can see, if you keep an open mind when you’re shopping for special occasions, you can really find some unique, one-of-a-kind, pieces.

What Valentine’s Day items have you seen on a recent thrifting trip? Tag your posts #GoodwillMN or leave a comment below to share!