Thrifty Halloween party ideas for kids

Halloween parties are fun to plan, especially for kids! And, if you want to plan one on a budget, then head to Goodwill.

Set the tone with decorations. You can pick up some cheap and easy décor at Goodwill that will inspire your guests. Black curtains or sheets are a great backdrop to a snack, dessert or drink table. Embellish them with a hot glue gun and stretched spider webbing. Or, for a sparkly spider web, create a spider web with your hot glue gun and sprinkle glitter on it.

Look for plastic jack-o-lantern pails and fill them with candy for kids to take home at the end of the night. During the party, they can be placed around the room for cute decoration. And don’t forget balloons! These add fun and depth to a room. Choose orange, yellow, red and black balloons and place them at varying heights.


Create candy corn pots! They’re super easy to make. You can find a variety of clay pots at Goodwill for cheap. Start by painting the whole pot white. Once it’s dry, do the next coat in orange on 1/3 of the pot. Lastly, when that’s dry, finish the last 1/3 of the pot with yellow. When all of the paint is dry, use a permanent marker to draw faces on them! This may require some supervision, depending on the age of the party guests.

Face painting is another fun activity to do with kids. Goodwill had a great selection of makeup that you can pick up inexpensively. Before the party, create a poster board of designs. Then let your guests pick out their favorite design!

Depending on the age-group, you can carve pumpkins. For older kids, this can be a fun and creative activity! Find budget-friendly carving tools, pumpkin designs, or paint and embellishments at Goodwill. I found some great kits for carving and other items to decorate the outside of the pumpkin without carving it.

A fun Halloween party doesn’t have to break the bank, especially with a trip to Goodwill.

What Halloween activities do you have planned? Sound off in the comment section below!