Top Halloween costumes of 2013

Ladies and gents, Halloween season is upon us. And that means it’s time to create your costume. Lucky for you, we’ve compiled a list of the Top Costumes of 2013 to serve as inspiration:

Duck Dynasty

Not only do people dig Duck Dynasty as a show, they dig its camouflaged cast of characters. Securing the DD look is simple, and Goodwill has the essentials to help you do it. Pair camo pants with a camo shirt and some good old fashioned worker boots. Now it’s time to accessorize. We’ve got wigs, beards, and bandanas – all at great prices – to help complete your Duck Dynasty costume. Top it all off with a pair of shades, and consider yourself part of the Dynasty.



Gatsby was huge this year, and so are flapper costumes. Achieving the flapper look can be done in a few easy steps. Find a dress at your local Goodwill and pair it with some accessories. Try a string of costume pearls, a feathered headband, some tights, and a boa. Tie it all together with a bob haircut wig and convince everyone you jus stepped out of a 1920s time capsule.



Everyone’s favorite calamity is easy to achieve. Find a suit at your local Goodwill – we have a huge selection – and pair it with a sweatband. Add to that a set of weights (which can also be found at Goodwill) and some makeup to achieve the “Ouch! That hurt!” look. You’ll be convincing enough that you’ll probably make an insurance sale that night.

Nicki Minaj

The pop star and American Idol host is known for her crazy style, and achieving her look is easy as 1-2-3. The possibilities are endless! We recommend going for bold colors and wild prints. Pair some flashy pants and an animal print top with a daring pair of shoes. Now it’s time for the hair – the famous Minaj hair. We’ve got plenty of wigs along with washable color hairsprays – your preference. Now add some fake eyelashes and the most colorful makeup you can find at Goodwill, and consider yourself Ms. Minaj.



We’re pretty convinced that the zombie costume will never go out of style. Need to achieve the look? We can help. Find any outfit you can think up – you’re going to destroy it so it doesn’t matter – and shred away. Rip and tear until you think your costume is tattered enough. Now it’s time for the fake blood, and we’ve got it at our stores! Apply fake blood to the outfit, throw on some gruesome makeup, and your costume is set.


If it’s costumes you need, we’ve got them. If it’s accessories, we’ve got those too. And if it’s inspiration or a quick DIY video that you’re in search of, well, we can help with that. Goodwill is committed to making Halloween 2013 your best one yet. Come shop with us!