For the Ugliest Ugly Sweaters: DIY

Can't find the right ugly sweater for you? Make your own!

For the Ugliest Ugly Sweaters: DIY

2017-12-01 18:54:00
Photo of endcap of ugly sweater grab bags in a Goodwill store.

It’s the night before the ugly sweater party, and you stroll into your local Goodwill with high hopes for a show-stopping find. Poinsettia appliques. Lime green used in place of pine green. Maybe you’ll snag a pair of those plastic menorah sunglasses.

Goodwill sells ugly sweaters in every shape, size and degree of tackiness. But if you can’t find the right one for you, there’s another option: make your own! It’s cheap and easy, not to mention a great way to kick off a green holiday by reducing and reusing.

“But I have no artistic skill,” you protest. That’s perfect. This is not an exercise in aesthetic elegance — this is ugly sweater season.

At most Goodwill stores, you’ll find DIY sweater supplies right next to the ugly sweater racks – think tinsel, bells, felt, ribbon, garland, those fuzzy ball things. Pick a sweater in your size and a handful of goodies from the front of the store, or venture deep into the store for even more sweater-decorating options. If you don’t have a hot glue gun or needle and thread at home, you might find those at your local Goodwill too.

Then it’s time to bring your ugly sweater supplies home, lay them out on the table or the floor and go wild. The ugliest ugly sweater is the one in your imagination. Happy crafting!

Did you find an ugly sweater at Goodwill or make your own with Goodwill supplies?
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Images of assembling an ugly sweater with little christmas ornaments using a glue gun.
Images of assembling an ugly sweater applying butterflies with a glue gun.