Wearin’ o’ the green

By Guest Blogger Zhenya Hudson
Whether you are dressing up for a night out with friends, or just a celebration in the office, St Patrick’s day has made it’s way into our daily lives even if you are not Irish. Today I am going to show you two different looks that I’ve put together for that occasion.

Green is a great color, but you don’t want to overdo it. So we are going to keep it classy, but flirty and fun at the same time. Best yet, the signature green pieces both come from Goodwill, so these outfits are fabulous deals as well as fabulous looks!

St Patrick Day 1

St Patrick Day 2

The first look is based around a green button down shirt, worn tucked in, under a blazer. It’s a perfect look for work. The large amount of green can be overbearing; it is, after all, a bright and bold color. By concealing the shirt under a striped blazer, you are still showing Sr Patrick’s Day spirit without being too “in-your-face.”

St Patrick Day 3

St Patrick Day 4

The second look is all about fun and flirty. It’s a variation of the whole “Kiss me I’m Irish” slogan. After all, you want to be kissed for the right reasons – not because your T-shirt says so.

I added the golden jewelry to both of these looks, because – who knows? – you might just find your pot of gold on St Patrick’s Day!

Not too sure about the whole holiday thing? Or green is just not your color? It’s always a safe bet to go with accessories, or make up. Green nail polish is also a huge hit!

St Patrick Day 5

So if not through clothes, but through makeup and accessories, St Patrick’s Day is about having fun, being with friends, and celebrating heritage and culture.