Wedding Dresses and Decor From Goodwill

Did you know that an average wedding now costs more than $25,000?

There are many expenses to think about: The venue, the catering, etc. There are also other aspects: The dress, the decor… and more. Did you know you can find inexpensive and beautiful wedding dresses and decor at Goodwill?

Let’s break down areas you can save…

The Wedding Dress

It’s obviously quite important for the wedding. It can also cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars… or it can cost tens of dollars.

For wedding dresses we recommend shopping Goodwill, online! You can actually buy dresses from our Brooklyn Park site. If we don’t have what you want in stock, you can always search all Goodwill stores on to see if any other Goodwill has options.

Two wedding dresses donated to Goodwill – you’ll find any actual wedding dresses we have on

How about bridesmaid and cocktail-style dresses? You’ll often find these at our Second Debut Renewed Fashions store in St. Louis Park (information and location here).

While you may not find exactly what you’re looking for every time you look at these places or even at your local Goodwill store, if you do find your ideal dress you’ll likely spend less and know you helped raise money to support our mission (removing people’s barriers to work and independence).

The Wedding Decor

Think about the things you see used as centerpieces at a wedding. They’re often vases with plants, or maybe they’re candle holders, or something else. Some people love the comfort of knowing every vase at every table is the same. Others might prefer a variety of vintage vases, or maybe vintage milk canisters.

These items can all be purchased for far less at Goodwill than many other places, and they have the added benefit of helping support our mission ($0.85 of every dollar goes directly to supporting our mission).

There’s so much you can do to save money on decor – it’ll just take a few trips to your nearest Goodwill stores in the Twin Cities metro area. If you’re still in need of more ideas, make sure to visit this Pinterest page, “DIY Wedding with Goodwill Finds.”

Let us know what you find and you could be featured in our next Thrift Spotlight post! Tag us or use #HowDoYouGoodwill in your Instagram posts to let us know what you’ve found!