When Missy met Philomena

By Brian Boese, Mission Marketing CoordinatorFind out how a Wells Fargo Vice President helped a young mom get her first job in banking.

When Missy met Philomena

2015-05-12 15:10:00

Find out how a Wells Fargo Vice President helped a young mom get her first job in banking.

Missy was going through Goodwill-Easter Seals Minnesota’s Banking & Finance training course, hoping to find a way to start a career in banking. Philomena Morrissey Satre is a Vice President at Wells Fargo Bank. She has been a long-time supporter of Goodwill-Easter Seals efforts to prepare people for careers in banking. To support the program, she volunteers her time and meets with the training classes to give advice on starting and building a career in banking.

So one day, she came to talk to the bank training class that Missy was taking.

Missy is a young mother who had had jobs, but nothing that developed into a long-term position. She had plenty of things going for her – a positive, warm personality, a willingness to learn, and fluency in Spanish. She just needed the right skills to land a role that would last.

She was referred to Goodwill-Easter Seals by a former job counselor and chose the banking skills program as the one that gave her the best chance.

“Training was for eight weeks,” Missy explained. “They taught me the vocabulary used in the banking industry as well as banking laws and regulations.”

When she talks to the bank training class, Philomena encourages the participants to also think about the approach to take once they start their job. “We talk about developing their personal and professional brand – what do you want to be known for?”

Meeting Philomena made a lasting impression on Missy. When we met her, Missy showed us a message of inspiration that Philomena had given her that reads, “You create your opportunities by asking for them.”

Beside teaching the rules and regulations of the banking industry, the Banking & Finance training also helps participants to develop interviewing skills, so when it came time to meet with employers Missy was ready. “I knew what to expect and what I needed to say.”

Philomena realizes that it’s also important for the trainees to meet people in the industry. “The business partners they meet in the program help put a face on the industry, help them make contacts and then provide them a place to go when they graduate.”

Missy took in all the advice and put it to good use. She was busy applying for positions a couple weeks before she graduated from her training program. When it came time to apply for a teller position at Wells Fargo, she put down Philomena’s name as a reference.

Philomena was happy to help. “What I remember about Missy is that she was so eager and excited to work in financial services.”

Missy was offered the job even before she graduated. “I think Philomena turned a couple heads in my direction.”

At her graduation ceremony, Missy spoke tearfully of having been unable to land even a minimum wage job and how she was now “walking away with a banking job, a good job.”

Missy made sure to thank Philomena and to keep in touch. When we bumped into Philomena at a recent Goodwill-Easter Seals event she let us know that Missy had sent her updates.

They now work for the same company. When Missy met Philomena, it helped start a career.

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