By Guest Blogger Sarah Arneson
Whether you're going to be undead this weekend at the Mpls Zombie Pub Crawl or just looking for ideas on how to be your best corpse, check out these images from our Goodwill stores!


2015-10-15 16:12:15

The Minneapolis Zombie Pub Crawl is this weekend!

Are you ready to embrace the undead? Check out some of the cool and corpsey things you can find at your local Goodwill.

Cheap makeup for the zombie who decomposes on a budget!

Hair, hands and teeth – it’s all in the details!

You’re in good hands …

Keeping it classy … and dead.

Scabs, wounds and bloody gauze – we’ve got you covered!

I don’t think the pizza filled him up. This rat prefers foot!


A whole new level of Bridezilla. More like brain-zilla!

This guy is available for parties …

Don’t ask her to fluff your pillows … trust me.

I didn’t want to sleep tonight anyway.

You’d be crabby too, if you had a splitting headache.

It’s begun…

Sure, they seem friendly …

Infected by the zombie plague, but still hard at work at your Fridley Goodwill!

Oh, no! They’re turning on each other!

You too, can look this rotten. With a little makeup and mayhem!

So much blood, so little time …

The look in here eyes … that’s zombie determination!

A major threat in Minnesota, the zombie lumberjack!

Now she’s going to the chapel to get buried!

Peek -a-BOO!

Don’t seek medical advice from her …

The surgery did not go as expected …