Mission in Motion

Our mission is to eliminate barriers to work & independence

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As a leader in employment services for nearly 100 years, Goodwill-Easter Seals Minnesota provides customized support to eliminate barriers to work and independence. The most common barriers our participants cite are low income, disabilities, criminal histories and lack of a high school diploma/GED.

Our holistic approach ranges from assistance with interview clothing to industry-specific job training programs and we connect four people with new jobs every day.

To see our mission in motion, watch inspirational stories about the people we serve:

Meet Jennifer: Goodwill-Easter Seals 2016 Power of Work Participant

Jennifer is one of only five women in Minnesota who are piledrivers. Find out how we helped her overcome the barriers she faced and start her new career.

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Meet Nicole: Goodwill-Easter Seals 2016 Power of Work Participant

Let go from her job just days before Christmas, Nicole was worried how she would provide a Christmas for her children and faced eviction from her home. Then Goodwill-Easter Seals helped her land a permanent, full-time job.

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Meet Danielle: Goodwill-Easter Seals Minnesota 2014 Participant of the Year

"Goodwill-Easter Seals took me from being in someone in need of help, to being in a position where I can help other people. See our mission in motion in Danielle's story.

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Many people think Goodwill-Easter Seals only helps people with disabilities, yet the barriers people face also include things like low income and criminal histories. We assist a wide variety of people with varying needs through a holistic approach that ranges from assistance with interview clothing to industry-specific job training programs.


    • Unable to find or keep a job due to a learning disability, such as dyslexia or ADD/ADHD
    • Recovering from addiction to drugs or alcohol
    • Chronic unexplained unemployment
    • Recently laid off from work, dislocated worker or currently unemployed or underemployed
    • Young father, less than 35 years old, who does not have custody of his children, but wants to support and be involved in their lives
    • Does not speak English or speaks limited English
    • Is rehabilitating from a life-changing illness or accident that impacts the ability to work
    • Recently released from prison


    • In 2017, the average duration of unemployment in the U.S. was 25 weeks – that’s half a year without income! Our 1-1 employment services help lessen this gap.
    • The U.S. has roughly 5 million job openings in any given month. Our employment, education and training services position job-seekers for success.
    • We serve our community by partnering with business and corporate workforce development leaders to form entry-level, training programs, provide qualified candidates for job openings and develop career opportunities for individuals. We target industries where there is a demand for workers and the potential for earnings and benefits that support a family.


In addition to workforce development, Goodwill has been "green" for nearly 100 years by reusing items that would otherwise end up in landfills. Did you know?

  • We divert over 60M pounds of materials from landfills every year. That's the equivalent of 132 Statue of Liberties, 48 Airbus 350 jets and could fill CHS Field in St. Paul 16 times!
  • 70% of our retail stores are Energy Star rated to conserve energy, and 60% have electric car charging stations.
  • Check out more of our green initiatives here!