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Over 100,000 Minnesotans are currently unemployed, and many will need specialized support to return to the workforce.   

  • We can help people improve digital literacy skills, develop resumes for career advancement and we offer free, job-specific training like construction or automotive, to help people train for new careers.

  • Our program outcomes are life-changing: participants experience an average of 5x wage growth, over 70% retain work for 365 days or more and nearly 80% of job training graduates earn industry credentials.

  • We advance workforce-related public policy by regularly engaging with the Minnesota state legislature.

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Each of Minnesota’s nearly 6 million residents generate an average of 1,600 pounds of trash every year.

  • Shopping and donating helps divert over 65 million pounds from landfills annually. We are a leading provider of electric car charging stations; many our stores are Energy Star rated.

  • Reselling donated items promotes reuse and we partner with others for a greener Minnesota: picking up clothing from the Twin Cities Marathon, donating winter coats to sheriff’s offices for people leaving detention centers and more.

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The unemployment rate in Minnesota is 60% higher for people with disabilities, and the poverty rate for families of color is up to three times the poverty rate of white families.

  • Our individualized services — like employment readiness, career navigation and advancement — help narrow this gap and support job applicants from marginalized cultural groups and people with disabilities.

  • With thousands of Minnesotans experiencing job loss, our dislocated worker program can help people get back on their feet.

  • Minnesota has a 10.5% racial disparity employment gap* and reducing this inequity by removing barriers to work can help reduce labor shortages.