Halloween 2019 Media Assets

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Ways to partner with goodwill for halloween

Come out to a store for a fashion show

Leading up to the big day, have a reporter come out to one of our 51 store locations where we'll showcase this year's hottest costume trends. We will provide costumes and models. 

have us in studio for home decor ideas

One of our design experts is available to come in studio for a segment on home decor ideas, helping the more than 49% of Americans who decorate each year knock it out of the park. 

Let us make your studio spooky

We will make your set creepy and crawly with Halloween decor to show viewers you take holidays as seriously as you take the news.

outfit your anchors

Pick a theme and we'll curate costumes for your on-air talent to wear during their Oct. 31 broadcast.

Media Contact 

Malory Vague




Zombie Recipe
Bee recipe
Wrestler Recipe
Golden girls recipe

Why goodwill?

When you do your holiday shopping at Goodwill, your wallet and the planet will thank you. The average American spends $185.50 on Halloween each year and most costumes are only worn once. Many of those costumes end up in landfills. Goodwill-Easter Seals Minnesota diverts 60 million pounds from landfills each year. On top of all that, proceeds from our stores fund programs that move four Minnesotans into the workplace every day.

contact us today to make your halloween spooktacular!