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The 2018 Power of Work campaign has raised over $200,000 to eliminate barriers to work and independence! With your partnership we can continue to help move 4 people into the workplace every day. You can help prepare people for work by making a gift today.

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Meet Danielle: Goodwill-Easter Seals Participant

In 2012 Danielle was a stay-at-home mom who was in an abusive marriage and was taking steps to file for divorce. She found that with no recent work history, she was overlooked for even part-time employment. After reading a story about a woman who completed the Automotive Tech training and rebuilt her life, Danielle took a brave step and enrolled in the eight-week Medical Office training course. She felt empowered by the knowledge she gained and was excited to discover the opportunities she could pursue after the program.

In February 2014 she accepted a position with a local clinic, and since that time she has been promoted to Team Coordinator. Danielle has become self-sufficient and is showing her kids the importance of moving forward and being independent. She feels the program helped her find the strength she needed to move on to a safe and bright future. Danielle is excited about her plans to return to school in June of 2018 to pursue a degree in Nursing.


Meet Keke: Goodwill-Easter Seals Participants

After working at the same job for several years with no sign of advancement opportunities, Keke decided it was time for a change. He had watched a friend participate in the Construction training program at Goodwill-Easter Seals and go on to achieve independence and a fulfilling career. Keke was ready to pursue his own dreams.

His instructors knew from the beginning that Keke had the attitude that would lead to success. He came to class each day ready to learn and with a smile on his face, knowing he was getting closer to reaching

his goals. He volunteered for challenging assignments, and asked questions until he fully understood the answers.

Keke is now working as an apprentice and moving forward in his career. He dreams of owning his own business, renovating homes and paying it forward to help others who are ready for a new beginning. Keke often returns to the training program to encourage new students and give advice from his first-hand experience.


Meet Olivia: Goodwill-Easter Seals Participants

Not long after completing her degree and beginning a career in massage therapy, Olivia was injured and unable to continue working in her field. Feeling defeated, she worried she had to start over completely and find a new career path. After learning about Goodwill-Easter Seals’ Medical Office training program, Olivia came to the class to explore her options.

Olivia was eager to learn and gained confidence as she realized the talent and skills from her previous career would open many doors in the healthcare

industry. She was a cheerleader to her peers and willing to help in any way possible. Recognizing the possibilities for her future gave her even more confidence and drove her to explore all opportunities to move her career forward.

After completing the program, Olivia quickly landed a job which helped get her foot in the door at other local employers. She was soon qualified to advance into other healthcare positions and was promoted several times. Olivia is forging a new professional path for herself, helping others care for their own health, and ready for the opportunities that lie ahead.

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