Electronics Soldering
Technician Training

DUE TO COVID-19, Applications are now in AN ONLINE FORMAT. TO APPLY, Contact
651-379-5837 OR 

Electronics Soldering Overview

Career Path

  • Assembly Technician
  • Electro-Mechanical Assembly
  • Medical Production Assembly
  • Soldering Technician

To Apply

To apply, contact 651-379-5837
Or email soldering@gesmn.org.

For more information, complete our online interest form.


  • Learn about the fundamentals of electronics assembly and soldering including precision tools, safety standards, and blueprint reading
  • Use state of the art mobile soldering equipment to gain hands-on experience with the techniques and components that employers in electronic device assembly require
  • Curriculum includes surface-mount and through-hole techniques essential to electronic circuit board assembly
  • Receive support from multiple instructors to build your success
  • Learn about careers in soldering and electronics assembly, and receive one-on-one support with your resume, interviewing, and job search
  • Employer speakers and networking
  • Earn the IPC-A-610 certification, an industry-recognized soldering credential, in 4 weeks
  • Training hours and locations vary; contact us for specific information
  • Training is available at NO COST to eligible students


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