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Maritza’s builds a strong a future for her family

Funding from retail stores as well as grants and donations from supporters helped Maritza experience the power of work through GESMN’s construction program – one of nearly 20 programs that provide free customized job support, training and resources that help people secure and retain employment.

Maritza’s builds a strong a future for her family

2023-07-17 08:00:00

Maritza came to Goodwill-Easter Seals Minnesota’s (GESMN) construction training program to help support her mom economically as she ages.

“I was a waitress. I loved being a waitress, but then COVID hit and now that was taken away in a few minutes,” Maritza said. “I was unemployed. I literally had no savings. I saw my family situation, and I’m like, ‘Oh, my timeline has suddenly shrunk. I need to get a job.’ I need to be able to financially support my mom, too,” Martiza continued.

Maritza started looking into construction. “The one thing that stood out the most was Goodwill-Easter Seals [Minnesota] was one that gave you a foundation,” Maritza said.

Goodwill-Easter Seals Minnesota’s (GESMN) construction training program includes learning key computer skills needed for business settings, working at local construction job sites with experienced instructors and more. “Our program is 12 weeks in total. The first 6 weeks are a lot of class interaction where they’re learning OSHA 10, getting that certification, which is really important in construction,” said Sean Hart, Project Manager at GESMN.

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“I was never trained on resumes, interviews. I didn’t even know what paperwork to take when I had to apply,” Maritza said. The construction program helped Martiza:

  • Improve her resume and apply for jobs
  • Obtain bus passes
  • Receive hand tools and work boots

“Goodwill-Easter Seals [Minnesota] was a steppingstone to start my career,” Maritza said. “I was able to get into [the] CCC (Carpentry Contractors Company) right away. I was able to get a car. And then in May was when I joined the union,” Maritza continued. “Because it [GESMN’s construction training program] helped me to find a good job, my life has improved dramatically.”

“My goal for the future is to get a house, just keep working, to keep saving money, being there for my family and my loved ones,” Maritza said. “These are probably the first years of my life that I actually have financial stability,” Maritza continued. “The donations, the grants, all that money does help.”

“The day I entered the Goodwill-Easter Seals [Minnesota] program to now that I have this job at the union, I feel accomplished. I see all the growth. It has bettered my life,” Maritza said.

Maritza recently shared her story at GESMN’s premier annual fundraisng event Power of Work.

Learn more about GESMN’s construction training program here.

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