Q&A with Kate Arends of Wit & Delight

2021-11-30 12:10:00

Goodwill had the chance to work with Kate Arends, creative director and founder of Wit & Delight to talk about her vision for holiday decorating, why she thrifts and her process for finding treasures.

Why do you thrift?

I’m a visual creature and inspired by my surroundings. I love looking through magazines, books, and spaces to find inspiration. I’m drawn to thrifting and thrift stores because of the uniqueness of what you’ll find. Over the years, I’ve tried to be more sustainable and mindful with my purchases, and I like the idea of finding new-to-me treasures.

What do you look for? Do you have a vision before shopping?

I always have a plan before I set foot in a thrift store, otherwise, I’ll bring home everything. Typically, I try to only shop for items I need at that time. No “maybe, I’ll use it” purchases. I have made exceptions for some amazing furniture items, however. I try to look for items that still have life in them, be it clothing, furniture or art.

What is your process when decorating a space/room?

Start with a feeling: do I want the space to be inviting, or calm and work from there. I then start selecting colors, and larger furniture pieces, and then work my way to the small details. I’m embracing the evolution of the design and loving the idea that a room is never finished.

What was the best item you found thrifting?

I found this amazing Craftsman-style side table, recently. It was tucked in a corner in an antique store, and I knew it would be perfect for my “peach” room.

Do you upcycle/DIY any items you find to make them your own?

Not often. When I’m thrifting, I try and stick to items that I can reuse without much effort (time and skill constraints!), but there have been a few. I recently upcycled some cane dining room chairs, from natural to a vibrant blue.

About Wit & Delight

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