Goodwill is Green

Did you know Goodwill has been green Before green was EVEN a thing?

In any given year, Americans generate over 250 million tons of waste that populates landfills. Goodwill-Easter Seals Minnesota has a number of green initiatives to reduce our community’s carbon footprint:

  • We reuse your paper and plastic bags at checkout. Help us continue to reduce waste by bringing us your extra bags the next time you shop.
  • Our unique “donate-shop-reuse-educate-employ” model diverts over 60 million pounds from landfills annually.
  • 60 million pounds is equivalent to 132 Statues of Liberty, 48 Airbus A380 planes or 2,400 school buses!
  • Over 70% of our retail stores are Energy Star rated. That means they meet strict standards set by the EPA around using less energy and emitting fewer greenhouse gasses.
  • Many of our locations have electric car charging stations. The 24 locations that offer car charging stations are listed below.

Plug in and Shop