Goodwill is Green

Did you know Goodwill has been green Before green was EVEN a thing?

In any given year, Americans generate over 250 tons of waste that populates landfills. Goodwill-Easter Seals Minnesota has a number of green initiatives to reduce our community’s carbon footprint:

  • Our unique “donate-shop-reuse-educate-employ” model diverts over 50M pounds from landfills annually.
  • 50 million pounds is equivalent to 110 Statues of Liberty, 40 Airbus A380 planes and could fill MOA's Nickelodeon Universe 13 times!
  • Over 60% of our retail stores are Energy Star Certified. That means they meet strict standards set by the EPA around using less energy and emitting fewer greenhouse gasses.
  • Many of our locations have electric car charging stations. Check out the 24 locations that offer car charging stations.

Plug in and Shop

Go green, save green at Goodwill!

Shop our stores on Earth Day, Saturday, April 22 and take 50% off most items.

Reduce, reuse and save!