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3,000 Pounds of Candy Donated to

Goodwill shoppers and donors went above and beyond in their support of our partnership with Treats for Troops.

You Donated 3,000 Pounds of Candy

2018-11-21 09:32:00
Closeup photo of lollipop swirl

Goodwill shoppers and donors have done it again! In our second annual partnership with Treats for Troops you dropped off 3,187 pounds of candy in just four days. In partnership with Soldiers’ Angels, your treats are on their way to service members.

Thank you to everyone who donated for their incredible generosity. We know Goodwill shoppers and donors take pride in helping our communities, but your sustained support of Treat for Troops is truly amazing.

If you made a donation to Treats for Troops and need a receipt, Soldiers’ Angels has a form here.