Minnesota Employer Talent Accelerator: Skills-based Hiring and Retention Solutions

We help your company build a plan that will attract, hire and retain the best talent.

1-Day Intensive Workshop

  • Rebuild your hiring process with a skills and competency-based approach by focusing on candidates’ capabilities rather than credentials
  • Improve retention by rebuilding job descriptions, interview processes, onboarding and more​​​​​​​
  • Increase diversity among your workforce using data-driven tools that lead to more equitable hiring processes
  • Network with talent-sourcing organizations 
  • Content is tailored for each organization’s needs along with individualized coaching

This program is a partnership between:

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  • PDF Flyer - Minnesota Employer Talent Accelerator program
  • McKinsey Report about building a skills-based, inclusive workforce


Testimonials & Facts

“Hiring for skills is 5X more predictive of on-the-job performance than strictly hiring for education.” – Markle Foundation

“My updated job posting had 18 applicants that were all qualified. The old one had one candidate that was way over-qualified”. – HR manager, Consumer goods and services