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FATHER Project Receives

GESMN program was honored alongside participant Brantley Johnson at the Capitol during National Parent Recognition Month.

FATHER Project Receives 'Unsung Hero' Award

2018-02-22 16:56:00
Photo of Brantley Johnson and Guy Bowling hold award certificates

The FATHER Project is a GESMN program that helps fathers support their children economically and emotionally. Every day we help parents across the state with case management, legal services, parenting support, child support services, employment services and more. Since 2004, FATHER Project has served thousands of dads through an extensive network of community partners. We’re honored to have our work with families and communities recognized through a 2018 Unsung Hero Award from Minnesota Communities Caring for Children.

“We’re grateful that Rep. Rena Moran thought of the FATHER Project and nominated us for this award,” said Guy Bowling, workforce development manager (pictured, right). “It was an honor to be recognized for our work on behalf of fathers and their children in their efforts to be the best dads they can be.”

In addition to the acknowledgment for the FATHER Project, GESMN participant Brantley Johnson (pictured, left) received an Unsung Hero Award and a Minnesota House resolution praising his leadership and commitment to children and families. After receiving assistance from the FATHER Project in 2007 and again in 2014, Brantley took his knowledge and experience and paid it forward tenfold. He co-facilitates parenting groups and co-founded Citizen Fathers, a leadership component of the FATHER Project that advocates for fathers and gives presentations on what it means to be a responsible dad and community leader.