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Shopping Goodwill Is Shopping Green

Here are four green initiatives you advance when you support Goodwill. Happy Earth Month!

Shopping Goodwill Is Shopping Green

2018-04-16 13:00:00
Goodwill logo surrounded by greenery

There are a lot of reasons to feel good at Goodwill. When you shop, you load up on unique affordable finds. When you donate, you say goodbye to clutter. And in both scenarios, you support programs that move four Minnesotans into the workplace every day.

But Goodwill is even more than a savvy way to do right by your pocketbook and help jobseekers in your community — it's a green choice too! With Earth Day around the corner, we want to share four green initiatives you advance when you support Goodwill.

1. You're keeping items out of landfills.
Goodwill diverts more than 60 million pounds of materials from Minnesota landfills every year. (That's equivalent to 2,400 school buses or 132 Statues of Liberty.) Your donations and purchases make that happen and show the power of reuse.

2. You're reusing bags.
Last year, Goodwill decided to stop buying new, single-use plastic bags to use at checkout. Instead, we reuse bags that come in through the donation bay. Do you have unused bags and boxes piling up at home? We'll gladly accept them for reuse, even if you don't have additional items to donate. Just give them to the cashier next time you shop.

Goodwill joined Northern Spark as a sustainability sponsor last year and donated 1,200 reusable bottles to the festival.

3. You're shopping in ENERGY STAR rated buildings.
Over 70% of our stores are ENERGY STAR rated. That means they meet strict standards set by the EPA to use less energy and emit fewer greenhouse gasses. Plus, Goodwill has solar arrays built or in-progress at 14 locations!

4. You're plugging in.
Goodwill has 25 locations that offer electric car charging stations. See the full list at