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Community Impact


Image states following 3 facts about the services provided at Goodwill. More than 60% of the people we serve are black, indigenous and/or people of color. 84% are low income, and 64% have one or more disabilities.
Image of sillouttes in circles of individuals profile icons. Text on image states 4,547 total individuals served.
Image of the state of minnesota and the outlines of all the counties. In 2020, GESMN served people in 73 out of 87 Minnesota counties.
Image of a mask on the left. Text on the right stating that We donated 1,300 masks to HealthPartners, scrubs to several area hospitals and puzzles/games to multiple senior centers during the pandemic.
Pie chart on the left with 3/4 colored pea green. Text on the right stating "78% of participants in our job placement programs are still employed 6 monnths post-placement.
Colored text with lots of little lineart people lined up in rows. The text states "More than 1,500 Minnesotans received assistance understanding the impact of work on their disability benefits.


Our green efforts are recognized nationally – CEO Michael-Wirth Davis received the “Goodwill Sustainability Champion” Designation by Goodwill Industries International on February 28, 2020.
Over. 7 million donations, using proceeds to fund programs and services.

Future Growth