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Success stories

Father Project helped Ramone with parenting classes, career support and he met a group of dads who were struggling with similar issues. “Father Project helped me every step of the way. I went from losing my kids to now having 50% custody and a successful business. And that’s because of Father Project.” 

Meet Ramone

While parents enjoy time with their children, the time that Ramone has is extra special. Just a few years ago, he had no contact with his children and that low point led him to reach out to Father Project, a program that helps non-custodial dads support their children economically and emotionally.

After losing his job and apartment, Ramone and his kids lived in his 2002 Chevy Trailblazer for several weeks. He went from making $25/hour, to applying for government assistance within five months after a court mandated child support that was well beyond his means. 

Father Project helped Ramone with parenting classes, career support and he met a group of dads who were struggling with similar issues. 

Ramone used the Next Door app to find people looking for help with odd jobs.  His first landscaping job was so well done that neighbors noticed, and word of mouth grew his business. “Now, I’m a rock star on Next Door - I have over 300 recommendations!”

Ramone got so busy that he needed to hire staff and he paid it forward to dads enrolled in Father Project. “I hire these guys without judgement and pay them between $15-$30/hour. It was important for me to help because a lot of them are struggling to pay child support and I’ve been there. Now, a lot of them are able to go get special things for their kids.”

Ramone’s drive and hard work led to his success, with support from the Father Project to help him navigate supporting his children and find a career he loves.


Meet Alisha

Alisha and her 4-year-old son were living at a homeless shelter and she was unsure of their future. 

“[At the shelter] Goodwill stuck out to me. Most people come in and answer your questions like they are reading off a script, but Goodwill wanted to know my goals and what could be done to accomplish them.”

Alisha connected to the Stable Families Initiative, where our career navigators work 1-1 to eliminate barriers, like transportation and childcare that often prevent career opportunities. Support is available for everything from GED preparation, job training/education and resume development. 

She is now a student at Minneapolis Community & Technical College (MCTC), pursuing a career in early childhood education, and her son gets childcare from MCTC while she attends classes.

An education would not be possible without stable housing, reliable childcare and constant support from her career navigator, Lisa. “Alisha worked so hard to get out of shelter and into a program that sets her family up for stability and success.  She is even an honor roll student.”

Your generosity helps eliminate barriers to work and independence for Alisha, who says, “I want my son to be proud of his mama and know that he can go to college too.”

Meet Carly

After working as a nurse for years, Carly found herself in a legal battle and facing up to twelve years in prison away from her young children. After settling her case and serving four years, she was no longer able to work in the medical field where she had spent her career; it was time to forge a new career path.

“I was trying to figure out what to do with my life and who would hire someone with a felony,” she says. “I wanted to have a career, not just work random jobs. I was willing to do anything.”

“I did Goodwill’s twelve-week construction training and one of the instructors knew I was interested in becoming an electrician. She connected me with a hiring manager at a large electrical contractor. They hired me and I’ve been with them ever since!”

Your support gave Carly vital resources and job training to help her family to flourish.