Halloween on a Budget

Goodwill is your Halloween Headquarters with costumes, décor and more at lower prices so you can celebrate in style this spooky season. From new…
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How to gear up for the Monster Dash: Costumes for running

Learn how to choose the right costume for your outdoor, costumed run.
Community    DIY Crafting    Frugal Living    Halloween    Holidays    Style    Thrifting
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As seen on WCCO: Goodwill’s 2016 National Halloween Poll

Learn about 2016's Goodwill National Halloween Poll findings and how Minnesota is a little bit different.
DIY Crafting    Frugal Living    Halloween    Holidays    Style    Thrifting    DIY Crafting    Frugal Living    Halloween    Holidays    Style    Thrifting    DIY Crafting    Frugal Living    Halloween    Holidays    Style    Thrifting
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Create a DIY zombie costume on a budget

DIY Crafting    Halloween    Holidays    Thrifting    DIY Crafting    Halloween    Holidays    Thrifting
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Halloween safety tips for 2016

Learn tips on how to have a safe and fun Halloween.
Community    Halloween    Holidays
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Thrift your way to a Star Wars costume

Written by Sarah Carlson, RealHousewivesofMN.comLearn about how you can thrift you way to a Star Wars Halloween costume!
Community    DIY Crafting    Frugal Living    Halloween    Holidays    Style    Thrifting    Community    DIY Crafting    Frugal Living    Halloween    Holidays    Style    Thrifting    Community    DIY Crafting    Frugal Living    Halloween    Holidays    Style    Thrifting
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Costume ideas already in your closet

Written by Sarah Carlson, RealHousewivesofMN.comLearn about Halloween costume ideas you might already have in your closet!
Community    DIY Crafting    Frugal Living    Halloween    Holidays    Style    Thrifting
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Goodwill Halloween: This is not a costume

Learn about how your costume purchases at Goodwill can help change a person's life.
Community    Frugal Living    Halloween    Holidays    Home Décor    Participants    ReEntry program    Thrifting
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Goodwill’s National Halloween Poll

DIY Crafting    Halloween    Holidays    Style    Thrifting
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Which Halloween costumes are trending?

Learn about popular costume idea searches on Google.
Halloween    Holidays    Thrifting    Halloween    Holidays    Thrifting
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Stranger Things at Goodwill

Learn about Halloween costume ideas for fans of the hit Netflix series, "Stranger Things."
Halloween    Holidays    Style    Thrifting    Halloween    Holidays    Style    Thrifting    Halloween    Holidays    Style    Thrifting    Halloween    Holidays    Style    Thrifting
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