Thrifting For Valentine’s Day

By Guest Blogger Sarah Carlson Thrift your way to great Valentine's Day gifts and decor. Learn tips from Sarah Carlson of Real Housewives of…
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DIY Super Bowl party decor

DIY Crafting    Home Décor    Style    Thrifting
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Stock your kitchen with affordable Goodwill electronics finds

Learn about valuable kitchen appliances you can find at Goodwill.
Frugal Living    Goodwill Stores    Home Décor    Thrifting
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Meet Brent Meulebroeck, the face of Chaska Goodwill

Learn about Brent, the face of our new Chaska Goodwill.
Community    Events    Frugal Living    Goodwill Stores    Home Décor    Jobs    Thrifting
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Start January right: Get cheap fitness gear at Goodwill

By Guest Blogger Sarah of Real Housewives of MinnesotaWhat is my secret to getting fitness gear for less? Goodwill! Learn more about what you can find…
Frugal Living    Style    Thrifting
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Deck the halls… on a budget

By Guest Blogger Sarah Carlson How can you deck the halls without breaking the bank? Learn in this how-to from Sarah Carlson of Real Housewives of…
DIY Crafting    Frugal Living    Holidays    Home Décor    Style    Thrifting
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Finding everyday items at Goodwill

Written by Aaron of Three Thrifty GuysLearn how you can find everyday household items at Goodwill.
Frugal Living    Get Organized    Home Décor    Thrifting
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Plastics recycling at Goodwill: Over 40,000 pounds each month

Learn about how our plastics recycling program is diverting over 40,000 pounds of waste from landfills per month.
Community    Frugal Living    Recycling    Thrifting
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Getting ready for Thanksgiving: Fall decor finds at Goodwill

Written by Sarah Carlson, RealHousewivesofMN.comLearn how you can get your home ready for Thanksgiving with fall decor.
DIY Crafting    Frugal Living    Holidays    Home Décor    Style    Thrifting
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How to gear up for the Monster Dash: Costumes for running

Learn how to choose the right costume for your outdoor, costumed run.
Community    DIY Crafting    Frugal Living    Halloween    Holidays    Style    Thrifting
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As seen on WCCO: Goodwill’s 2016 National Halloween Poll

Learn about 2016's Goodwill National Halloween Poll findings and how Minnesota is a little bit different.
DIY Crafting    Frugal Living    Halloween    Holidays    Style    Thrifting    DIY Crafting    Frugal Living    Halloween    Holidays    Style    Thrifting    DIY Crafting    Frugal Living    Halloween    Holidays    Style    Thrifting
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Create a DIY zombie costume on a budget

DIY Crafting    Halloween    Holidays    Thrifting    DIY Crafting    Halloween    Holidays    Thrifting
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