Photo of The Goodwill News letter publication

edition of the goodwill news announcing the newsletter's name change

1940s: The Goodwill Bag changes name to The Goodwill News, so as not to confuse the newsletter with the collection bag.

1941: December 10, 1941 - One millionth dollar paid in opportunity wages to Miss Ellen Newell, elected by the other workers for this honor.

1942: St. Paul Goodwill Industries’ collection trucks traveled over 54,000 miles in one year picking up donations.

1943: Goodwill provides vocational rehabilitation to soldiers returning from war. The U.S. requested that Goodwill Industries start rehabilitation and employment training for servicemen with disabilities. Goodwill was able to train and employ many injured servicemen who struggled to find employment after the war.

1944: After 25 years in business, St. Paul Goodwill Industries had collected 4+ million items of clothing, furniture, papers & more collected to date.

1948: Incorporation of the St. Cloud Goodwill on November 12th. A.F. Carlyle, first executive secretary of the St. Paul Goodwill, was chosen as first executive secretary of the St. Cloud Goodwill.