Photo of woman walking down a runway at a fashion show

model walks in the women's auxiliary fashion show

1960s: The first president of the Women’s Auxiliary at St. Paul Goodwill Industries, Anne Ousdigian, helped increase awareness and donations through an annual fashion show. The fashion show became a popular affair, with admission and clothing donated by local business men. The shows popularity expanded into a “Bonnets ‘n Bows” show to showcase hats and head accessories, as well as, a bridal show.

1961: Goodwill donation boxes in St. Paul area begin to be removed due to high cost of maintenance.

1963: Goodwill opens its first outlet store in Austin, MN.

1963: Goodwill opens its largest store to-date at Eighth and Robert Street in August.

1964: St. Paul Goodwill Industries has grown and serves a 30-county area.